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Your New Cruise Authority!

Where Have Your Dreams Never Been?

There are ships that can take you to destinations. There are ships that can take you to sea. And then there are ships that can take you to your dreams. Holland America has those ships.

Cruise Deals
Holland America has ships that can reward you for the life you have lived and show you the world with all its detail and color.

If you could, would this be the dream you choose? Where have your dreams never been?

What lies beyond your dreams? How would you spend the gift of time?

Luxury of Time

If you had the luxury of time and closed your eyes, where would you awake tomorrow? Where would you linger? Would it be breathing the crisp clean air of the Arctic, discovering the magic of Hawaii or experiencing the primeval stillness of Milford Sound? Holland America can take you there.

We Are Holland America Cruise Experts

If you could choose a window from which to view the world, would there be any other choice than one of our cruises? Peak Experience Travel and its cruise experts feel whether it is an alaskan cruise of a lifetime or a last minute cruise, this would be the choice. They have a fleet of 12 of the finest ships afloat can make those dreams come true and take you to the journeys of the mind, the heart and the soul.

Discount CruisesWith more than 127 years cruising the world, Holland America knows what matters to discriminating travelers. Warm, attentive service . . . refined, spacious surroundings . . . enticing ways to discover the world's special places. Found in thier luxurious five-star fleet. Oceans Apart on all seven seas.

Experience Like No Others

Having enjoyed more than 45 Holland America cruises over the past 15 years, we feel that Peak Experience Travel is one of the foremost authorities on thier ships in the world. As our name depicts, we have the "Experience" to make those dreams come true. We will not sell you cheap cruises or discount cruises but match you with the best cruise deals.

Dreams become reality when you find yourself floating through the warm, welcoming waters of the Caribbean on one of our award-winning five-star ships. With 19 spectacular itineraries ranging from 7 to 14 days, your place in the sun, sand and surf on a picture-perfect island is there for the taking

Pride in What We Do

We at Peak Experience Travel also pride ourselves in taking care of your families special travel needs. We know what it is like to travel as a family and we can suggest not only the best ports but the best ships for your familes needs.

Call us or fill out our cruise planner today and our cruise experts will show you why we want to be your cruise authority! You will be surprised how much we treat your cruise like it was our own.

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